US Elections – Trump – Thoughts

Before I start let me make a few things clear, I am an Indian and I have very little knowledge about politics but I still have a few thoughts about the recent elections that took place in the US and the results. I am also little afraid to say things that might potentially offend some people who I have no intention of but looking at the majority of people not liking the way the elections turned out to be, I think many would agree.

Firstly, if people don’t prefer the candidates up for presidency then how come they are allowed to stand for elections? A scenario for example, take a small village run by a leader. If that leader dies or the next leader is to be elected aren’t the people responsible to vote someone they seem fit. Now the same thing happened here but only after 3 people stood up for elections and unfortunately no one else. If it was for the village the people might have encouraged someone, who is fit to lead, to standup for the spot. As is the case now with people wanting Michelle Obama for 2020.

So, as far as I understand and I may be totally wrong, just because someone, who could be a great choice to be the President of the United States, didn’t stand up for the elections the people of America had 3 unfortunate candidates taking the opportunity to fight for the presidency spot. Out of which one had 0 chance of winning anything so was out in the beginning itself and people were left with 2, both not great in any way, to choose from. Both had their advantages and (somewhat big) disadvantages but still one was clearly better than the other. Clearly.

But still people messed up.

Now, I respect everyone’s views and opinions and I am pretty sure that anyone who voted for Trump may have some solid reasons, but any amount of reasoning will not convince me that he is  better for the people. The things that he said and the beliefs that he has, it’s utterly rubbish. I am afraid for the people of America, because to me, he is scary. For the first time I am happy that I am not an American but not so much because I don’t want such an amazing place to be ruined by some crazy person. Also, anyone who believes in his beliefs and thinks that he is right, there’s really something wrong with that person.

I am a person who respects every person’s freedom, views and opinions as long as they don’t hurt someone else. I respect women and strongly believe in women freedom. I believe in education and wish all the kids in the world were provided education for free. I respect the people of the LGBT community and I hope they get the love and freedom they deserve. But I do sense a little danger to all these things.

At the end all I can say is, I don’t know what the future may be for the Americans or anyone in general. It may all turn out to be good or the opposite, but I know that whatever it is it depends on the people. America belongs to the people and not to one man. I don’t know any Americans nor I have I ever been to America, but still I think if people stay positive everything will turn out to be good.

Stay together, stay strong. Help one another and spread happiness and positivity everywhere. The world would be a better place. 🙂

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