The New OnePlus 3T – Thoughts

Yesterday, OnePlus announced a new phone. Yes, approximately 5 months after it’s latest and greatest OnePlus 3. No, it’s not the OnePlus 4. It’s the OnePlus 3T. Yeah, the same 3 but with a T. What’s the difference? Let’s see..

OnePlus 3T is the flagship killer company’s new flagship killer.. or an upgraded old one. 3T is an upgraded version of one of the best smartphones released this year, the OnePlus 3. Now, the OP3 is still one of the best phones in that price range. Heck, it’s even better than many flagships, but what could possibly be the reason to upgrade it, only 5 months later. I honestly don’t know.

Firstly let’s see what’s new in the 3T.


The 3T houses the latest Snapdragon chipset, 821. This might not seem a big change from the 820 in OP3 but the 821 is more efficient and consumes less power. This results in the phone running much cooler and with greater performance.


The next upgrade is the storage and a necessary one, at least to me. The 3T not only comes with 64GB of storage but also a 128GB option. Nice, but why no SD card? This may be disappointing for some but to me, honestly, 128GB seems more than enough. But hey, now you have more space for selfies. 😉

Talking about selfies..


The 3T has an upgraded camera. Yes, the front facing one.

The front facing or the selfie cam has been upgraded to a 16MP from an 8MP. So.. yeah, better selfies. That doesn’t mean the rear camera is the same. It does still shoot 16MP photos and 4K videos but there are a few internal tweaks that could make it a little better than the OP3. Only a comparison would tell.


The 3T has a bigger battery capacity(3400 mAh) than the OP3(3000 mAh), which is good. Coupled with OnePlus’ Dash Charge, you’ll get pretty much a day’s power in half an hour. Well, that’s what OnePlus says. True or not, more juice is always a good thing.

These are all the major upgrades that have been incorporated in the new 3T and they are not bad. In fact they are good but aside from these there are a few things that could have been upgraded, but have not.

The Display

Sadly, the display is still 1920×1080. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pretty good HD display but, could have been upgraded. No, I’m not complaining. I love their phones and when you sell such a great device at an amazingly low price then you do have to cut some corners. So I’m pretty okay with the HD display but it would have been a true ‘upgrade’.

The Design

Honestly, I’m not a fan of OP3’s body design. It doesn’t look that appealing but the build quality is great. I would have loved a new design, something on the lines of OnePlus X, but the design of 3T is completely the same as OP3. Every millimeter. Even the camera bump.

You do get a new darker Gunmetal color that would replace the Graphite version. I wish they would make a Matte Black version like the iPhone 7. That would look cool.

The Software

The 3T will not be shipping with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, but will have the latest version of Oxygen OS 3.5. That is a little disappointing but they are planning to release Nougat probably in December.

Final Words

OnePlus 3 is a great device and it just got a little better, but is it worthy of an upgrade? No. But anyone who is looking for a budget flagship killer, then without a doubt this looks as the best device out their because, the best got even better.

For all those who have OP3 and are feeling cheated and angry and stuff, I understand, but OP3 is still a great device and there’s no reason to go for the 3T unless of course OnePlus has some sort of upgrade program for the loyal OP users. And I also, really hope OnePlus doesn’t do this for other phones in the future, because me and many others prefer the timely release of the fresh OnePlus devices every year instead of this short upgrade.

One major complain that I do have with OnePlus is that 3T will not be launching in India currently. Hopefully they do launch it soon but as for now it will be out on November 22nd in US/Canada and on 28th in the European markets. Price starts from $439.

Learn more about OnePlus 3T here.

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