My First Portrait Sketch

Two days ago I drew my first portrait sketch of one the most beautiful and adorable woman, Emilia Clarke. The experience was amazing.

I have never ever sketched a portrait of anyone before so I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be. To get the features and proportions right and most importantly the hair. The hair is one of the things that scares an artist because it seems difficult at first to sketch or even paint the different flows and the individual hair strands, but when you realize that you don’t need create every single strand, things become really easy. Once you get the technique down, get a little practice then you can sketch any hair type. As always you do require patience.

It seemed difficult at first to create the portrait sketch because the photograph that I had chosen was not a usual one, and also it was blurry.


Choosing this blurry photo not only made things difficult to sketch but it surely made it hard to get that perfect laugh. It’s easy to draw a recognizable celebrity, you just need to draw the eyes, nose and lips in proper proportions, but it is hard to draw perfect characteristics and emotions. It’s like taking the perfect shot with a camera that tells a story. Everyone can take pictures, everyone does, but only a few tell a story. So I, courageously, who isn’t even an expert in drawing (really suck at it) decided to sketch that photo and I’m really, really happy the way it turned out to be.

Emilia Clarke sketch
My first portrait. 🙂

Even though it’s not perfect, I was happy that I could bring it as close as possible to the original. There are several mistakes that I could point out but I’ll make sure I don’t do it on my next sketch.

But the thing that made me happy and kept me smiling and dancing for two days straight are the responses I got on this sketch. They were just phenomenal and it really made my day. Everyone who saw the sketch really loved it and few requested to draw them too. It’s been a long time since people loved and complimented my work. That made me happy. I think I found something that makes me happy doing it. 🙂

If interested in more of my sketches then check out my Instagram account.

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