Failure Isn’t An Option, But Giving Up Is

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill

Life is an accumulation of all the things you do. Right from childhood to till you die, your life is defined by the way you live it, the decisions you make and the risks you take. But the thing with life is, there are good things but bad things as well. There are ups but downs as well. There is success but there is failure as well. And failure.. is inevitable.

You work hard for something that you think is really important to you. You spend days and nights focusing all your time and energy on that one thing. So much so that at one point you believe that you will succeed, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter even if you believe 99% that it will be a success, there’s always that 1% chance that everything would just fail. There’s always that chance that you’ll break.

But failure is not bad, in fact failure is the most important part of life. It changes you as person. It changes the way you think and take decisions. It changes the way you react to situations. Failure is good, but if only taken in a good way.

See, the thing about failure is, it won’t happen until you do something. So is the case with success. You need to do something, dedicate your time in some work in order for it fail or succeed. You need take decisions, take risks. This work that you will spend your time and energy doing it, will be the only thing completely in your control. The only thing. The thing that won’t be in your control is the outcome. The outcome of everything you do could either be good or bad. It could either make your life or destroy it completely, but you will have no control over it.

Failure is inevitable.

It is bound to happen, so is success, but to spend time thinking about something that is inevitable is completely useless. Focusing your time and energy on the result instead of the actual work, is always bound to fail. You spend time thinking about something that you are unsure of but don’t spend time on things that you’re sure of. So, you are indirectly giving way to failure.

Now, after all this, you start doing something you love with the hope of success and you are focusing all your time and energy on this one thing. You spend day and night, putting in your 100%. You do everything right according to you and making sure that nothing goes wrong. You take careful decisions and work on every decision you take. But does working so hard and giving everything you have, ensure a smooth success?

You may have heard that hard work pays off. It does in most cases, but you should also remember that while you may achieve your goal in the end, there will be a million times where you will fail in between. There will be times where you will have no idea what you’re doing and why. There will be times where you will have no energy, physically or mentally, to do anything. Failure makes you tired and exhausted. The lack of energy makes you want to do nothing but lie down and forget the world exists. It makes you want to be alone, far away from anyone and everyone. It breaks you into a million pieces in many different ways. It makes you sad and depressed. It gives you sleepless nights where you just stare at the ceiling no idea what to do next. It can make you broke and you will be ready to take any job you get. It can make you lose faith and belief in yourself. Hard work is hard, but failure can destroy you in many ways.

At this point you have only two options, and one of them is giving up.

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