Create Something New Everyday

I’m an artist, I create art. I’m a musician, I create music. Creation gives me life. Creation gives me form.

Creating something is an integral part of life. It is the true nature of human beings to create something. Without creation we would still be stuck in the stone-age throwing rocks at each other. There would have been no wheel, or no fire, but those are inventions. You don’t necessarily need to invent something although creation can lead to invention.

We, the human beings, are the smartest species on this planet, or the dumbest I should say, but that smartness is because of the ability to think.

This ability is what makes us special from other species. It makes us cook food before eating. It makes us wear fancy clothing. It made us invent the wheel and now we drive a Tesla (I don’t even have a bicycle). It also made us create weapons and kill each other.

Anyways, this brain where all this thinking power takes place doesn’t just work on its own. Just like how the tummy needs food, the brain needs brain exercise.

But what if I don’t like to exercise? 🙁 Then you’ll not only be not fit but also be dull.

Creating something everyday, no matter how small it may be, makes your brain work. It forces it to think. It forces it to be alert. And if you do something that involves various other body parts to be involved, then the brain needs to co-ordinate between them. Like playing the guitar. Better, playing the guitar and singing as well. (I still can’t do it)

What if I’m good at nothing? Then that’s way more better!

See, the thing with that dumb part of your head is that, it functions the most when you are learning something new. I’m not a scientist in any way but I can say from my experience that I learn to play basic guitar in 5 months. Never played anything new after that… Or I guess, it’s just me.

Anyways, if you don’t believe me, try it out yourself. Try to do something new, try to learn something new, and then see the difference yourself.

But you said create something.. you are only talking about brains, and not creating.

Because creating something involves a lot of brain power. Trust me. I have used all mine to write this post and now I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Here’s the thing, creating something on your own requires ideas and ideas only come when your brain works in a different way and in order to work in that way you need to train it and training only comes when you tell it to do something.

Even a lazy person comes up with ideas of how to make his life even more lazy. It’s all about making your brain work.

Enough of brains, let’s talk about creativity now.

Creativity is the most beautiful gift to mankind. Hell, if you aren’t creating something right now then you ain’t doing anything with your life. You may as well kill yourself.

I’m just kidding.

But yes, create something everyday because it’s not only beautiful to make something on your own and in your own way, but it will also make you happy that you did something new.

It can be anything from a drawing, to a new recipe, a new tune or even writing a book or making a movie. Well, movies take a lot of time, but you get the point.

Do something everyday, better do something new everyday and make sure you record what you did, either as a photo, a video or just plain writing. Because this is your story and one day you might get to tell it.

Create something beautiful, something you like or something that would make someone else happy. When you will do this for a certain amount of time you will not only have a collections of things to show off and boast about, but you will become good at something.. and that really goes a long way.

And if at one point you think that you are done with the thing you are doing and there’s nothing new you could do in that.. then just jump on to something else. Where one chapter ends, other begins.

Life is full adventures and exciting things to try out. Do something new today, create something new today.. make this world a better place.

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