My Christmas Tree Story

Let me tell you a story:

I made a Christmas tree like this one when I was 11. It was for the school Christmas party, and my tree was very, very simple. It didn’t have any of the decorations like this one has. All decorations were made out of cardboard, crepe papers and some sketch pens. It was way smaller than this one and didn’t even have a star at the top.

So I make this Christmas tree for the party and take it to my classroom. I see kids decorating the classroom and especially decorating the teacher’s desk. I wanted my tree on that desk because that desk was going to be the center of attraction. So I take my Christmas tree out of my bag and go near the desk and quietly place it near the edge. I back off the desk and take a look at my tree. I’m really happy because it looks good. I smile..

After a few seconds, the kids that were decorating the desk notice my tree and realizing that it looks good, and also the only Christmas tree in that classroom, they place it in the center of the desk. Wow.. I feel so happy, because my Christmas tree, is going to be the center of attraction. I smile..

I want to tell the kids that I made that but then, the teacher arrives accompanied by the school principal. Everyone backs off the desk and the teacher is showing the principal the decorations in the classroom.. and also the desk.

Everyone looks at the desk and the Christmas tree that sitting right in the middle. As soon as the teacher looks at it, she says to the principal, ‘That Christmas tree is one of my favorites’. I smile..
The principal looks at it, smiles and goes away to other classrooms.

I was expecting some kid to say that, ‘Nadeem made that Christmas tree ma’am’, but.. no one did.. No one knew..

I looked at my Christmas tree, sitting right in the center of the desk, and.. I smile. I smile because I’m happy people loved my Christmas tree, that I made it all on my own, without telling anyone. And it didn’t really matter if people didn’t know who made it, because I knew I did.

I went home that day all happy and smiling, with just the memory of the Christmas tree sitting beautifully in the center of the teacher’s desk. The center of attraction.

I didn’t get my Christmas tree back and I never saw it again.. I made a bigger and a better one!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy the holidays, share love and happiness all around and have lots of fun.

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