Rock On 2 – Music Review

Music – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics – Javed Akhtar
Music Label – Zee Music Company


‘Jaago’ is the first song in the album and also the best one. Sung by none other than the lead singer of ‘Magik’, Farhan Akhtar, it’s not so different from the other songs he’s sang in the past but knowing the success he has received in Rock On (1), his voice seems to suit the rock genre well.
Talking about the music, the song starts with a nice guitar riff that you can hear pretty much throughout the song. Coupled with pretty good drum beats and a mixture of electric and bass, it makes for a pretty great opening song.
A little offbeat for me personally was the ‘Jaaaaagooo…’ part which near the end seems more like a scream than singing loud, which kinda breaks the consistency of the song, but that’s just for me. Many would prefer that.
Lyrics wise, let’s just say it’s a toned down version of Sadda Haq. (Infact the whole song is.)


Before I review this song I would like to say just one thing: Shraddha Kapoor can sing really good!
Now, I know that the vocals are auto tuned most of the time for the song to sound great for the masses but I have heard her sing live and I can say she does a really good job (and also the fact that she is a trained singer).
Music wise ‘Udja Re’ has not much to offer as it’s mostly focused on the singing. Decent drum beats with pretty decent electric guitar in the background accentuate the strong vocals by Shraddha, along with a nice but effective add-on vocals by Shankar Mahadevan. It’s the chorus part where Shraddha truly shows her singing talent with a clean and consistent voice that makes this song the next best in the album.

Ye jeena bhi socho koi jeena hai
Ki ab insaan machine hai ban’ne laga
Ye jeena bhi socho koi jeena hai
Apna chehra khud humko bhi ajnabi lagne laga


or Pichle Saat Dino Mein?
Farhan Akhtar is the same, or rather sounds the same as usual and more so from PSDM.
The song has almost the same feel as PSDM, only difference being the acoustic part in the beginning. After listening to both PSDM and this song back to back a couple of times, it feels as if I’m listening to the same song. You know what I mean, right?


Ohh I love fingerstyle guitar! They always sound so sweet… but if only backed by amazing vocals.
I would have loved a Shraddha Kapoor version of this song (Galliyan) instead of Farhan. It’s in this song that we can hear all the quirks of Farhan’s voice and it’s… not that great. I am not a fan of his singing and for good reasons. He breaks at various points in the song and especially while singing ‘Koi na samjhe hamari.. Jo betaabiyan hain toh kyun.. Kal hum kahan ho na jaane.. Jo aaj hum yahaan hain toh kyun’.
Let’s just say a great acoustic song could have been much better if sung by someone else.


Another Shraddha number and I’m happy.
Not the best musically and could easily be a forgettable song. The tune is a little offbeat to me, as if it’s trying to be something but can’t figure out what. There’s confusion and mismatches to the vocals and the backing music. Both don’t quite fit perfectly and that does make this song less recommendable. If you love Shraddha Kapoor’s voice (like me) then this song’s for you.


A duet of Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar.. where Shraddha steals it. (But that doesn’t help)
The song starts with a beautiful piano piece almost like an Adele song and then enters into slow rock with Shraddha Kapoor singing the first half of the song followed by Farhan Akhtar till the end. The song is not great. I’m even reluctant to say it’s any good. The part where both recite a few lines of the lyrics at the end of their singing is also a let down and would have been better off not including it.
The good part about this song is the lyrics and probably the best in the album but only to be let down by poor composition and vocals.

Muskurati ho chehron pe ek roshni
Zindagi ho mohabbat bhari zindagi

7. Hoi Kiw/Chalo Chalo

The patriotic song of Rock On 2.
The song is filled with north eastern music and lyrics with a blend of rock. I wouldn’t say it’s the best mixture I’ve heard but it’s not the worst. Usha Uthup along with Kit Shangpliang and Pynsuklin Syiemiong is an amazing blend of vocals and that’s the only good thing you’ll find in this song. Honestly, I haven’t heard the latter two singers ever sing but I did enjoy their singing in this song albeit in some other language that I don’t understand. If you’re up for some patriotic type lyrics in the talented voice of Usha Uthup, few non-Hindi lines in, also talented voice of Kit and Pynsuklin and a blend of North Indian and rock music then this songs for you… but I’ll pass.


‘Ishq Mastana’ is sung by Digvijay SIngh Pariyar and Shankar Mahadevan. It’s not a bad song but it’s not great either. The music in various places reminds me of ‘Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai’ but the latter had a catchy upbeat tone whereas ‘Ishq Mastana’ sounds more sufi. Not my cup of tea. If you’re into this type of music then this might be for you but I wouldn’t recommend it.


It’s not Rock On 1, not even close to it. It truly lacks the magic(k) the first part had but if considering it as a standalone album it does have a few good in it.
‘Jaago’ is the best song of the album (only compared with other songs in this album) followed by ‘Udja Re’ just because of Shraddha Kapoor. She can sing and I hope she gets much better songs in the future. Although, I would have loved a female version of ‘Manzar Naya’ but that’s just me.

Speaking of the album as a whole, it’s average. Listen to it not keeping in mind the magic of part 1 and you won’t be much disappointed.


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