Mirzya – Music Review

Music – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics – Gulzar
Music Label – T-Series


What do you get when you add great percussions with amazingly talented singers? That’s exactly what this song is.
Daler Mehndi, Sain Zahoor, Akhtar Chanal and the Nooran Sisters are the ones responsible to make this track one the best of 2016. Also the composition by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is smooth and blends with the vocals in a seamless fit. The transition from the male singers to the Nooran Sisters is exceptionally good and the latter have nailed their part in a way that only they could do it. But it’s the remarkable talent of Daler Mehndi who steals the song, again making his mark and showing us why he is still one the best singers we have.
Crank up the volume and enjoy the heavy drums with sweet percussions and crisp and beautiful vocals.


‘Teen Gawah Hai Ishq Ke’ is one of my favorite in terms of lyrics. The flow of words in this song is truly beautiful to listen to.
This song is sung by Siddharth Mahadevan and, he definitely can sing. I haven’t heard him sing in live shows yet but his singing in this song is much better than previous ones. His voice isn’t mature like his father but that’s good because he has got his own style and I would love to see how he grows as a singer.
The beautiful soft music and backing vocals by Sain Zahoor make this song one of my favorite of the album.

Teen gawah hain ishq ke
Ek Rab hai, Ek tu.. aur main


‘Chakora’ is third in the album in terms of complete songs and this song is a blast.. but not necessarily in a good way.
Even though sung by talented singers Mame Khan, Suchismita Das and Akhtar Chanal this song doesn’t offer much in the vocals department. That goes same for the music too. It’s an uninteresting mix of electronic music with percussions (or something like that, not sure). Why? Because none of the parts in the song where memorable.
Nothing clicks in this track and is one of the least favorable compared to the whole album.


Just one word. Beautiful.
No matter what review is given this song deserves an award.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this song and there are not a lot of songs that get that statement. In fact, very few.
Exceptional vocals by Mame Khan and Shankar Mahadevan with beautiful lyrics by Gulzar and the amazing and full of emotions composition take you to a completely different place and make you get lost in it.
Definitely listen to this track because this could just be the song of the year.

Nidra mein kisne yaad kiyo re
Jagaaye saari raina re
Piya jagaave, jiya jagaave,
diya jagaave re


‘Hota Hai’ is somewhat similar to ‘Chakora’ but a little better.
Again the Nooran Sisters are amazing to listen to but only if the accompanying music was good. There are too many things happening in this song which sometimes feel unnecessary. Variations in singing and the flow of the song do make it interesting but somehow don’t fit along with other songs.
Lyrics are the most interesting part of the song and knowing that Gulzar can many times be tricky and weird (Chal Baithe Church ke Peeche?) this song doesn’t come as a surprise.
Give it a listen as it might be the song for you, but I’ll give it a pass.


After ‘Aave Re Hitchki’ this song is easily one of my favorites of the album.
The singers Nooran Sisters along with K. Mohan (Mohan Kannan – Agnee) is one of the best combination I have heard in a very long time. If you are like me who prefers raw singing over a musical track then this song’s definitely for you. The powerful singing by the Nooran Sisters is so well balanced by the softness of K. Mohan that it’s difficult to say who is better. That crisp voice with so much control that all the three singers have would make anyone wish they were a singer too. (By the way, if you think Arijit Singh is the best singer in India then you really need to get your ears checked).
Lyrics by Gulzar is simply amazing. Only he can write such beautifully with such depth in so much less words.
The blues type guitar in the background give it a different yet deep feeling that only a few rare songs nowadays could do.
This song’s in a loop for me and I still can’t get enough of it.

Todti toh sailaab aa jata
Karvat le to saari zameen beh jaati
Ek nadi thi..
Ek nadi thi dono kinaare
Thaam ke behti thi


Yet another Shankar Mahadevan and Mame Khan song. Lovely vocals by both but the music is a little off compared to the whole album but as a standalone song, it is good.
It’s a modern fusion of bass, trumpet and piano with traditional singing, which makes it feel right out of Coke Studio. It’s not bad but could have been better in terms of the flow.
Vocals and lyrics are the best thing as is with the whole album. Personal choice, this song’s not for me but give it a listen and who knows, you may like it.


This song is a fusion of western music with classical singing. Ambitious mix but only if you know what you are doing.It could either turn out to be a masterpiece or the opposite and this song, to me, falls in the latter part.
The best thing about the song is the singer Kaushiki Chakraborty even if for just two stanzas.
If you are into classical singing and want to hear a western rendition of it then give it a listen. I’ll pass.. happily.


If you love themes then this one’s for you. It’s beautiful and fits perfectly with the soundtrack. Don’t expect it to be the ‘Bombay Theme’ but it’s definitely good on it’s own.


There are a few one minute-ish tracks that are sung by Daler Mehndi and are pretty good. They don’t qualify as songs and have minimal to no music at all but do give it a listen for the strong and amazing voice of one of the amazing singers India has.

Ye waadiyan doodhiya kohre ki
Inme sadiyaan behti hain


‘Mirzya’ is one of the best albums of 2016 hands down.

Every song has amazing and talented singers that make it a treat for the ears. The lyrics by Gulzar for the complete album is too beautiful and one of the best by him. It’s been a long time listening to songs with such exceptional flow of words that go so well with the composition, it feels as if the words were waiting to be sung. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have done an outstanding job with this album but I wish the same could have been said for Rock On 2.
One of the reasons and importantly the main reason this album stands out is because there’s no one part that’s good. Every piece of instrument, every singer and every word come together as a whole and give you the complete musical experience that is difficult to find nowadays.
‘Mirzya’ is beautiful and is easily the strongest contender to win every music award this year.


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